Dedicated Server by the Fighting Irish Squadron
Battle of the Channel
Information about the server


This server is dedicated to the air battles that took place over England, the Channel, Western France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Western Germany in the period of 1944-1945. Each mission will have a different time and this also means the plane set can change with each new mission. We can not guarantee a "balanced" plane set for each mission, but it will be balanced over a longer period, just as it was in real life.

Server Rules

1. Insulting players in chat
2. Attack friendly aircraft, vehicles, buildings and etc.
3. Use offensive nicknames while on the server.
4. Don't ruin other players experience by disconnecting right before getting killed. We'll delete your scores if we see that.
5. Cheat in any other way (obviously)

Voice Communication

• via Discord
• via SRS:

Server Team

Administrators: =FI=Genosse
Designers missions: "ServerGenerator" by SYN_Vander

E-mail to communicate with the server team: info[at]